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VIC SC Forest Hill


Before I joined Sandwich Chefs I used to work for Terry (SC Forest Hill) at the same time I was looking for a business, I did not like franchises because I was with Wendy’s before and it wasn’t good.  After working for Terry for 6 months I started to notice, Sandwich Chefs was different to other franchises, they seem to care more about their franchisee.


When I finally decided to buy SC Forest Hill business off Terry he was fantastic. I really appreciate how he had helped us organise interview with the franchise very quickly and the rest of the process of buying was hassle free. It was more effective and efficient than a Business agent.


Terry has always been enthusiastic, very positive and gave us lots of idea how to run our business.


Now, we’re in a profitable business. And we would recommend our friends and family to him.


Thank you Terry


Your sincerely,

Jane Zheng




VIC SC Forest Hill

VIC SC Highpoint


Before I joined Sandwich Chefs I was a BDM and trainer for a Registered Training Organisation.


Terry not only introduced me to the franchise, but also both stores I now own and operate.  It was only because his experience within the organisation that I was interested in the beginning. If it weren’t for Terry, it is unlikely that I would have ever known about or been involved with the franchise.


Terry taught me virtually everything I now about the operations and business side of running a single store and multiple sites.  Terry has been instrumental in my development as a business owner, and I would not have survived without his constant support.

  • Learning from someone who has a proven record of great success within the franchise
  • Constant support on how to improve business, both operationally and in development
  • Regular visitation and conversations

Implementing Terry’s ideas/changes have improved my business exponentially. His fresh eyes and ideas on necessary changes.



Darren Ngo





VIC SC High Point

VIC SC Sunshine Marketplace

From: Erlita Taliem []

Sent: Sunday, Febuary 07, 2016 8:59pm

To: Terry Te

Subject: Experience dealing with Terry


Two years ago I walked pass sandwich chefs Caroline Springs, I was so impressed with the shop.  It looked clean, fresh and yummy. Long story short I ended up getting a job there.


After 6 months of working there, I decided to open my own shop. Amy and Kelly introduced me to Terry as sales consultant.  I was so scared but really wanted to do it. Nervous though kept playing in my mind, what if it doesn't work and what would I do?


I met Terry a few times, most of the time he would encourage me to do it. I took his words with me.  I talked to him about everything (finance, how to run it, what if things goes wrong, cost of running a shop) I asked him a lot of questions and he gave me all the answer.  He shared his experience being a franchisee, he said there is risk in everything we do in life if we are scared then we will stay where we are now and we will never try a new thing.


I am glad I did it.  I believe that if it is your time to do then there will be someone somewhere that will help you to cross the bridge to get to your dream.


I learn new things everyday and work hard to make the shop better and better. Thank you Terry.


Erlita Taliem

Sanwich Chefs Sunshine Marketplace




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VIC SC Sunshine Marketplace